Global Media Intelligence Alliance

Six leading Global Service Providers from media intelligence industry

Six leading global service providers from the media-monitoring and analysis industry form an international alliance under the name Global Media Intelligence (GMI). Auxipress (Belgium), Rebold (Spain), L’Eco della Stampa (Italy), Pressdata (UK), Ornico (South Africa) and pressrelations (Germany) coordinate their forces to cover all media sources in over 20 countries to provide customers with an even better service. 

The benefits for customers are plain to see. Together, the companies cover a multitude of relevant countries and provide customers with their expertise and analysis insights in all media markets. Customers of the GMI members benefit from synergy effects as well as 24/7 availability due to their global footprint. 

Alongside their own business, the companies that form part of GMI take part in international pitches together under one name. The teams are closely working together and steadily developping new solutions and strategies. In addition, the partners share joint standards, such as in the field of data transmission, technology and know-how. This benefits both GMI members and their customers. 

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